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Strengthening Health Resilience with Targeted Procurement Support in Rwanda & The Maldives

Funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB)
Case Study Note:

Specific details within the case study below have been withheld to maintain the confidentiality and sensitivity associated with the activities discussed.

Assignment Background

From June 2023 to August 2025, HelpUsTrade Ltd (HUT) has been selected by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the development of two multi-million dollar BSL-3 Health Testing COVID Laboratories in Africa and Asia.

The first laboratory will be designed to meet international standards, including ISO 15189:2012 accreditation, with additional capabilities for handling infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance testing at biosafety level 2 (BSL3).

Simultaneously, the second laboratory will amalgamate diagnostic, testing, and research activities, including those related to food and drug safety, within a unified facility. Both projects are further supported by a dedicated Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and technical support from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This assignment encompasses several key areas to ensure the success of the projects, which include:

  • Project Development Expertise: Provide specific project development and procurement expertise to support the EIB Project Directorate’s Health and Life Sciences Division.
  • International Best Practices: Advise project promoters on international best practices in project management and public procurement, ensuring compliance with EIB’s Guidelines for Procurement (GtP).
  • Peer Review: Offer expert opinions on the quality and adherence of written tender/project documentation and procurement-related materials to ensure they meet EIB’s high standards.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor ongoing procurement processes to facilitate EIB’s project procurement due diligence.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Assist in discussions with project promoters to establish or enhance external support and strengthen capacity.

Project Objectives and Deliverables

HelpUsTrade, as the consulting firm, is tasked with specific objectives and deliverables:

1. Procurement Expertise and Project Management Advisory and Development Role:
  • Support the EIB Project Directorate’s Health and Life Sciences Division with specific procurement expertise.
  • Advise promoters on international good practices of public procurement and project management.
  • Provide expert opinions on the content, quality, and plausibility of procurement-related documents.
  • Constructively critique methods and processes to improve project outcomes.
  • Develop content as required.
2. Strengthening External Procurement Support & General Public Procurement Policy Advice:
  • Support discussions with promoters to establish or enhance external procurement support.
  • Support EIB with general public procurement policy advice, potentially extending support to other projects in the region or in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being entrusted by the European Investment Bank to contribute to the development of state-of-the-art Health Laboratories in Africa and Asia is a testament to HelpUsTrade’s commitment to advancing global health resilience. Our role in providing procurement expertise, international best practices, and advisory support underscores the importance of collaborative effort. This project exemplifies the shared commitment of the EIB, HelpUsTrade, and Government stakeholders in fostering long-term health system sustainability through enhanced laboratory infrastructure and procurement practices in regions critical to global well-being.

Prof. Dermot Cahill, Director, HelpUsTrade

Outputs and Deliverables

In partnership with various project stakeholders, as mentioned above, HelpUsTrade is responsible for the following key outputs:

  1. Procurement Strategy Development: Craft a comprehensive procurement strategy considering the tendered service, works, and goods.
  2. Bidding Documentation Review: Conduct detailed examinations of bidding documentation, ensuring compliance and addressing value-for-money concerns.
  3. Bid Evaluation Methodology and Procedures: Establish a robust bid evaluation methodology to ensure a fair and transparent bidding process.
  4. Contract Management Enhancement: Review and refine contract management procedures for optimal project implementation efficiency.
  5. Ex-Post Reviews: Conduct a thorough project post-review in alignment with EIB’s Guidelines for Procurement, providing lessons learned and project outcome assessments.
  6. Training and Knowledge Exchange: Develop tailored training and knowledge exchange programs to empower the promoter and enhance capabilities for future endeavours.
Colorful sunset at Maldives in summer.

In Conclusion

This progressive and complex assignment highlights the collaborative efforts of the European Investment Bank (EIB), HelpUsTrade (HUT), and key Government and International Stakeholders (European Union and WHO) to strengthen health resilience in Africa and Asia through improved laboratory infrastructure and procurement practices.

The focus on international best practices and capacity building reflects EIB’s commitment to long-term health system sustainability – HelpUsTrade is delighted to play its part in supporting these important initiatives.

“The author(s), HelpUsTrade, take full responsibility for the contents of this article. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the view of the European Investment Bank (EIB) or of the Promoter of the project”

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