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Research and Knowledge Exchange: Bridging the Gap whilst Igniting Potential

HelpUsTrade champions knowledge-driven and evidence-based growth by bridging the gap between academic thought and real-world application. We leverage research to develop innovative solutions, inform policy decisions, and empower businesses and public organisations to achieve success.

How can HelpUsTrade help?

  • Conduct Applied Research: Analyse real-world challenges and develop evidence-based solutions.
  • Facilitate Knowledge Sharing Workshops: Bring together researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and collaborate.
  • Develop Educational Resources: Create engaging materials to disseminate research findings to diverse audiences.
  • Design and Implement Knowledge Exchange Strategies: Bridge the gap between research and practice effectively.
  • Conduct Impact Assessments: Measure the real-world impact of research and knowledge exchange activities.
  • Provide Training and Capacity Building: Equip individuals and organisations with the skills to utilise research effectively.

Advantages of working with HelpUsTrade:

  1. Practical focus: We translate research into actionable insights and solutions.
  2. Multi-stakeholder approach: We bring together diverse perspectives to find innovative solutions.
  3. Effective communication: We make research understandable and accessible to all audiences.
  4. Measurable impact: We track and demonstrate the real-world results of our efforts.

Service Expectations?

With HelpUsTrade by your side you can expect:

  • Informed decision-making based on evidence-based research.
  • Development and implementation of innovative solutions to real-world challenges.
  • Enhanced capabilities for utilising research effectively within your organisation.
  • Improved engagement and collaboration between researchers and practitioners.
  • Positive impact on your organisation and the wider community.

Empowering Growth.
Delivering Impact.

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