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Director, HelpUsTrade

Gary Clifford

HelpUsTrade's Director

Leader in Innovation, Commercial Expertise, and Economic Impact

Gary Clifford is a seasoned professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of economic development, change management, professional consultancy, and innovative research projects.

Gary serves as the Managing Director and Founder of HelpUsTrade Ltd, a dynamic company that provides a range of professional services to businesses and public organisations seeking to advance their strategic and operational performance, expand their international reach, and enhance their commercial opportunities.


Gary’s Credentials

Gary holds a BSc in Computing Science and an Executive MBA from the University of Swansea and  Prince 2 Project Management Qualifications from the UK’s Government of Commerce.

In addition, Gary has earned a professional certificate from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education in Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges and Innovation and Strategy.


Career Highlights

Gary Clifford’s combination of professional expertise, leadership skills, and personal values makes him a highly sought-after advisor and consultant. He is a driving force behind HelpUsTrade’s success, helping businesses and organisations achieve their goals while making a positive contribution to society. Here are some additional highlights from Gary’s career over the last 15 years:

    • 2007 – to date: Director, HelpUsTrade Ltd:
      • 2024 to date: Lead Firm, Approved Constellia Supplier, Framework
      • 2024 to date: Lead Firm, East of England National Health Service (EoENHS) Framework
      • 2022 to date: Lead Firm & Expert Consultant, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) 
      • 2021 to date: Lead Firm & Expert Consultant, European Investment Bank (EIB) Framework
      • 2023: Lead Firm & Expert Consultant, African Development Bank (ADB)
      • 2021 – 2023: Expert Consultant, European Commission Project, Catalonia
      • 2019 – 2021: Lead Firm & Expert Consultant, World Bank (WB)
    • 2021 – 2023: Executive Director of Commercialisation, University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD):
      • Countless Economic Development and Internal Incentive-Based Initiatives 
    • 2019 – 2021: Director, Mother Mountain Productions (Virtual Reality Training):
      • 2017 – 2021, Lead Consultant, Greater Manchester Police (GMP)
      • 2020 – 2022: Lead Consultant, Wigan Council
    • 2010 – 2019: Director, Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies (ICPS), Bangor University:
      • 2018 – 2019: Director of Impact & Engagement, Bangor University:
        • Countless Economic Development and Internal Incentive-Based Initiatives.

Leadership Style

Gary’s leadership style is characterised by his inclusive and engaging approach, his ability to build strong relationships, and his commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment. He is a trusted advisor to clients and has a track record of being recognised for his expertise in navigating complex commercial challenges and delivering tangible long-term results.

Gary’s professional values align with HelpUsTrade’s commitment to social impact, ensuring that its services not only drive business growth but also contribute to positive social and economic outcomes. He is passionate about using his expertise to empower businesses and organisations to make a positive impact on the world.

Gary’s ESTJ personality profile further highlights his strengths as a leader:

  • Extraverted: He is an outgoing and engaging individual who thrives in collaborative environments.
  • Sensing: He focuses on practical and tangible information, making him a data-driven decision-maker.
  • Thinking: He approaches problems with logic and rationality, seeking evidence-based solutions.
  • Judging: He is organised and structured, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

Track Record

  1. Strategic Leadership
    • Gary Clifford’s strategic leadership prowess is exemplified by his success in articulating and implementing integrated plans across diverse organisations. Notably, at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, he led groundbreaking Commercialisation, Innovation, Research, and Enterprise activities, fostering notable advancements. In addition, as lead consultant of a substantial World Bank project, Gary played a pivotal role in defining the strategic and operational trajectory of a government body in Afghanistan, achieving remarkable success in a short period.
  2. Change Management 
    • Gary has a proven track record of successfully managing complex change initiatives, ensuring that organisations adapt to new environments and achieve their strategic objectives either through their human resources or with tech-based solutions (or a combination of both).
  3. Procurement Expertise
    • He has extensive experience in providing procurement consultancy services to various organisations, including the Welsh Government, the Government of Namibia, the World Bank, and the Caribbean Development Bank to name just a few.
  4. Marketing and Promotions 
    • Gary is skilled in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote businesses and organisations. For example, in the last five years national marketing campaigns have been developing in Namibia and Afghanistan.
  5. Knowledge Exchange & Capacity Building
    • Gary has consistently spearheaded initiatives aimed at elevating the knowledge and competencies of diverse audiences. Between 2007-2013, he orchestrated the upskilling of hundreds of SMEs and Public Officials in Wales and Ireland, particularly focusing on government contracting. During 2023/24, Gary is at the forefront of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation project tailored for Government officials in the Caribbean. Between these two periods, he has led countless national and international projects meeting the Knowledge Exchange & Capacity Building requirements, underscoring his commitment to fostering continuous learning and capacity enhancement.
Leadership Values

Gary’s Operational Values

Gary’s operational values can be summarised as follows:


Gary is a strong team player who values collaboration and consensus-building. He is able to motivate and inspire his team members to achieve common goals.

Clear Communicator

Clifford is an excellent communicator with a knack for simplifying complex information. He has a natural ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and foster a collaborative environment.


Clifford is a passionate advocate for innovation and collaboration. He is committed to helping organisations embrace new technologies and approaches to achieve their strategic goals.


Clifford is a highly strategic thinker with a proven ability to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex challenges. He has a deep understanding of the global trade landscape and is adept at identifying and capitalising on emerging opportunities.

Inclusive & Engaging

Clifford is an inclusive leader who creates a supportive and engaging work environment. He is committed to diversity and inclusion and believes that a diverse workforce is essential for innovation and success.

Commercially Driven

Clifford is a trusted leader with a strong track record of delivering results. He is commercially driven and understands the importance of profitability, but he also values social responsibility and ethics.


Leader in Innovation, Commercial Expertise, and Economic Impact

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