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Revolutionising Crisis Management in Barbados

Funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Project Overview

In October 2023, the Barbados Immigration Department (BID) embarked on a transformative initiative funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to enhance its emergency preparedness capabilities.

The project aims to convert a paper-based Emergency Business Continuity Plan (EBCP) into a cutting-edge responsive electronic portal (e-EBCP). HelpUsTrade, the lead consulting firm, has been commissioned to steer this ambitious venture on behalf of BID and the Government of Barbados (GoB).

Stakeholder Engagement, Refining Operations, and Application Development

HelpUsTrade commenced the project with a thorough requirement/data gathering phase, conducting interviews and workshops with key stakeholders within the Barbados Immigration Department and a host of other key stakeholders on the island including representatives from Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA), Barbados Tourism Investment Inc (BTII), Barbados Defense Force, and the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology (MIIST) to name just a few key entities. This inclusive phase laid the foundation for developing contingency plans, identifying crucial tasks, protocols, and information required for various scenarios.

The existing paper-based contingency plans posed challenges in terms of accessibility, updateability, and dynamic response to emerging threats in a responsive and proactive manner. Therefore, the project’s primary objectives were to streamline business continuity planning, mitigate risks effectively, and enhance organisational responsiveness to unforeseen events.

The core of the project involves designing and developing a user-friendly, responsive electronic application – the e-EBCP. This application will not only convert contingency plans into interactive checklists, managed by a bespoke web-based portal, but it will also incorporate logical task sequencing with key dependencies (i.e., responsible persons and teams with tangible actions and outputs). The inclusion of interactive features like dropdowns, data input fields, and document uploads will facilitate efficient data collection and information sharing, ensuring the e-EBCP’s evolution as a dynamic tool.  Push-based technologies will be employed to keep users regularly informed and up-to-date with organisation response protocols. User manuals and training materials, including presentations and videos, will also be generated by HelpUsTrade to empower BID staff in effectively utilising the new system.

Keeping people safe requires preparedness and agility. With the e-EBCP, the Barbados Immigration Department, national Stakeholders, and HelpUsTrade have woven a digital net of preparedness, ensuring rapid response and keeping citizens safe across Barbados. It’s a reminder that shared vision and innovation can forge a future where borders fade and security prevails.

Gary Clifford, Managing Director, HelpUsTrade.
Impact and Future Readiness

The implementation of the e-EBCP will mark a significant leap for the BID and the GOB in terms of emergency preparedness for one of its key delivery services. The project will not only revolutionise the emergency preparedness landscape at the BID but will also showcase the potential for ensuring business continuity using technology-driven solutions.

As the CDB continues to invest in projects fostering innovation, the BID stands as a testament to the positive outcomes achievable through strategic partnerships and forward-thinking initiatives.

I am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with HUT as you reviewed our procedures and identified bottlenecks. HUTs attention to detail is evident and will definitely impact positively on the BID’s delivery of services

Margaret Inniss, Chief Immigration Officer, Barbados Immigration Department (BID) (, Barbados – February, 2024

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