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HUT, Delighted to be working with the European Investment Bank (EIB)

A 4-Year Global Innovation Framework

Framework Overview*

HelpUsTrade Ltd (HUT) is proud to announce its prominent role as one of the leading consulting firms within the prestigious European Investment Bank (EIB) Innovation and Competitiveness (INCO) Department Procurement Framework Agreement (2021 – 2025).

Serving as the key service provider for three framework lots, HUT is dedicated to supporting the EIB’s global initiatives in the following sectors, on a case-by-case basis:

  • Life Sciences and Health: Strategic investments and innovations in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.
  • Digital Infrastructure: Building and advancing the technological foundations of societies through investments in digital networks, communication systems, and information technology.
  • Education and Public Research: Fostering knowledge dissemination and innovation by supporting educational initiatives and public research projects globally.
  • Small Business & Innovation Advisory: Empowering entrepreneurship and innovation through targeted support for small businesses, facilitating growth and sustainability.
  • Sustainable & Digital Industries: Driving environmentally conscious and technologically advanced industrial practices, promoting sustainability and digitalisation across various sectors.

Key Services provided by HelpUsTrade

Project Appraisal

This involves a meticulous examination of various legislative documentation and an assessment of the promoter’s procurement capacity. HUT supports EIB’s project teams during the review of pre-qualification and tender documents, evaluation reports, and contract modifications/cancellations. Acting as independent observers during project developments, the HUT ensures that project procurement plans and strategies are fit for purpose.

Project Monitoring

As part of project monitoring, HUT will be actively engaged during the implementation phase and beyond. HUT will also be expected to conduct thorough post-review/project evaluation exercises, acting as a diligent observer of project developments – this process includes assessing project objectives, stakeholder interactions, and effective project management practices. Through continuous project monitoring, HUT ensures that projects align with their intended goals and provides valuable insights to enhance project performance indicators.

Project Evaluation

Post-evaluation/Audit involves a detailed examination of project documentation, ensuring comprehensive coverage of processes and outcomes. HUT’s evaluation activities contribute to a thorough understanding of project effectiveness and lessons learned. The resulting post-review report, produced by HUT, should provide valuable insights and recommendations to the EIB team, facilitating continuous improvement and informing future decision-making within the organisation.

We are delighted and honoured that HelpUsTrade has been recognised as a key contributor to the European Investment Bank (EIB) Innovation and Competitiveness (INCO) Department Procurement Framework Agreement (2021 – 2025). Our dedication to excellence in project appraisal, monitoring, evaluation, and compliance underscores our commitment to advancing the EIB’s global initiatives. This success reaffirms HelpUsTrade’s capability to provide valuable insights in the government contracting space, contributing to transparency, efficiency, and informed decision-making for the plethora of organisations the EIB represents worldwide that we now serve.

Gary Clifford, Managing Director, HelpUsTrade.

Framework provided Global Foundations

In summary, HUT’s expertise in project appraisal, monitoring, evaluation, and compliance contributes significantly to the success of EIB’s global initiatives, fostering transparency, efficiency, and continuous improvement in project implementation and management. 

This framework’s success underscores HUT’s ability to contribute its knowledge, skills, insights and recommendations to the EIB and its in-country delivery partners globally, thereby facilitating continuous improvement and informed decision-making within the organisations the EIB represents.

*The author(s), HelpUsTrade, take full responsibility for the contents of this article. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the view of the European Investment Bank (EIB) or of the Promoter of the project.

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