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HUT Successful Awarded East of England NHS Framework

HelpUsTrade’s successful award to the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub Framework underscores the firm’s leadership in providing transformative consultancy services in the UK.

By securing four critical lots, HelpUsTrade is set to play a pivotal role in enhancing public service delivery across predominately the East of England. This notable achievement reflects the firm’s commitment to excellence, innovation and collaboration, ensuring that publicly funded organisations can navigate the complexities of modern public service delivery with confidence and success.

Project Overview

  1. Title: Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems – Multi-Speciality Support & Advisory Consultancy Services 3-Year Framework (2024 – 2027)
  2. Region: East & North-East England, UK
  3. Start Date: 24th April 2024
  4. Completion Date: 23rd April 2027 (plus an additional 12 months if extended)
  5. Contracting Party: East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH)
  6. Funding Source: EoE NHS CPH and Stakeholders
  7. Framework Value: £0 – £60,000,000 GBP

Framework Introduction

In April 2024, HelpUsTrade celebrated a significant achievement by securing a substantial role in the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub’s (EOECPH) newly launched 3-year framework.

This framework, named “Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems – Multi-Speciality Support & Advisory Consultancy Services,” is set to revolutionise public service delivery across the East and Northeast of England.

As a lead consulting firm, HelpUsTrade will provide expert guidance and support across four key Lots, aiding a diverse range of Contracting Authorities including NHS Trusts, Charities, Social Care Providers, and Local Authorities.

Framework Goals and Scope

The EOECPH framework is designed to offer comprehensive support services to address the evolving needs of publicly funded organisations. It encompasses eight specialised Lots, each targeting distinct areas of public service needs. HelpUsTrade’s involvement in four of these Lots highlights the firm’s strategic expertise and commitment to driving transformational change.

HelpUsTrade’s Role and Responsibilities

HelpUsTrade achieved a 100% success rate, being awarded to all four of the eight lots competed for.  The four Lots and related services are:

  • Lot 2 – Strategy, System Leadership, Governance, & Integrated Assurance:
    1. Leadership Development: Enhance leadership skills through tailored training and support for individual leaders and boards.
    2. Strategic Planning: Assist organisations in developing robust strategies for growth, change, and improvement.
    3. Change Management: Provide expertise in managing large-scale transformations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
    4. Governance and Assurance: Ensure adherence to regulations and best practices, fostering a culture of compliance and accountability.
  • Lot 3 – Training, Quality Assurance, and Consultation Services:
    1. Consultation Support: Advise on legal requirements, co-production approaches, and effective public engagement strategies.
    2. Training and Learning: Develop and deliver comprehensive training programs, including in-person sessions, online modules, and e-learning platforms.
    3. Quality Assurance: Implement recognised frameworks to ensure consultations are effective and meet industry standards.
    4. Skills Development: Conduct skills audits to identify training needs and support staff development, fostering continuous improvement.
  • Lot 5 – Procurement and Supply Chain Services:
    1. Strategic Procurement: Provide market analysis, life cycle costing, and alignment of procurement activities with organisational goals.
    2. Procurement Expertise: Offer expert advice and support throughout the procurement process, including contract management, market engagement, bid evaluation, and risk management.
    3. Special Procurement Scenarios: Handle complex projects and scenarios with limited suppliers, ensuring effective and efficient outcomes.
  • Lot 8 – Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Services:
    1. Comprehensive Projects: Address projects requiring specialists from multiple areas covered in Lots 1-7, providing holistic solutions.
    2. Broad Scope Initiatives: Manage projects with wide-ranging scopes, such as complete organisational transformations, by integrating expertise across various disciplines.

HelpUsTrade is thrilled to be awarded to the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub’s framework. We are committed to delivering transformative consultancy services that empower public service organisations to navigate change, enhance compliance, and achieve long-term success. Our participation in this framework underscores our dedication to excellence, innovation, and partnership

Gary Clifford, Managing Director, HelpUsTrade

Impact and Benefits

HelpUsTrade’s participation in this framework is poised to deliver significant benefits to the East and North-East of England’s public service organisations. By leveraging their extensive expertise in data analysis, project management, change management and stakeholder engagement, HelpUsTrade will:

  1. Drive Organisational Transformation: Help organisations navigate complex transformations, redesign services, and build robust models for long-term success.
  2. Enhance Compliance and Best Practices: Ensure organisations stay ahead of evolving legislation and adhere to best practices, fostering a culture of compliance.
  3. Manage Pressures and Obligations: Equip publicly funded organisations with the tools and strategies needed to manage unique challenges effectively.

Who are the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (the Hub)?

The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (the Hub) is a not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership and on behalf of the NHS to drive value and efficiencies and ultimately, improve patient care.

The Hub is deeply rooted in the regional procurement landscape. Since 2006, we have been providing creative procurement solutions, strategic purchasing support and specialist knowledge to the NHS in the East of England; locally, system-wide and regionally.

On a national level, we are a partner in the NHS Workforce Alliance, the largest public procurement organisation in the UK, we deliver strategic procurement for all UK ambulance trusts and work in partnership with the other NHS procurement hubs. We have close ties with NHS England, the Central Commercial Function, the Department of Health and Social Care and HCSA, ensuring the NHS in the East of England has a voice on a national level.

As part of the NHS ourselves, our fundamental aim is to deliver value to the NHS whilst improving patient care. Collaboration is key to achieving this. In this time of great demand and pressure, we can work together for the benefit of our NHS.

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