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I cannot enthuse enough about HelpUsTrade…


I have worked with HelpUsTrade on 2 occasions, on 2 separate bids. The first was a complex bid, and HelpUsTrade worked at a 101% to help us get the application into great shape. We were absolutely delighted when the news came out that we were to be awarded the opportunity. This news has made an enormous contribution to our overall sustainability and as a result we have been able to create 4 new jobs.

The second bid HelpUsTrade has worked on with us has already got through to second round (this is the first time we have been this far) and I am hopeful of success (the big news will be unveiled in January 2016).


People may wonder how a tender/bid process works and how important it is to have a professional ‘guide’ and ‘mentor’ during the process, a company that is objective, and asks all the sharp and right questions that a demanding funder would ask – HelpUsTrade is that company!!!


As a busy CEO, I find working on new and innovative ideas time consuming (particularly when I have very limited time to start with) and I tend to get bogged down in the detail, miss how important it is to have the big picture, and then communicate that picture succinctly and clearly. HelpUsTrade was able to refine and add a new dimension to our ideas and I have no doubt at all, that HelpUsTrade’s input has raised our success rate – the work which we have just won, and the work we hope to win, would not have been possible without this much needed input.


Apart from all that HelpUsTrade is efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with!.. but most importantly.. they gets results!


Author: Judith Wynne, CEO, Age Connects North Wales Central



Posted on 21/12/2015 in Our News

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