Global IFI Conference – Major Gateway For Lucrative Contracts for SMEs…

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Major Gateway For Lucrative Contracts On Horizon For SME’s


For the first time, four of the world’s largest International Financing Institutions (IFIs), such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Commission and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will gather in Dublin on September 23rd and 24th at the Citywest, Dublin to help SME’s compete for significant contracts in Developing Countries.


Over 800BN Yearly Available on Contracts

IFI’s seek private and Public Organisations of all sizes to generate infrastructure in Developing Nations across a range of sectors. The goal is to educate Irish business of all sizes in this vast arena of opportunity and break down the barriers to entry. Where possible, they will launch valuable relationships between the key decision makers and Irish Organisations.


Potential To Generate 1,000 Full Time Jobs


“We are capable of enormous expansion in this area. The Danes, who have a comparative workforce and population, currently win contracts worth 100m per year. That’s equivalent to 1,000 full time jobs”

— Seamus McCann, ConsultingIreland, Event Organiser —


Attendees will have opportunity to draw on the experiences of some successful companies already engaged with IFI business. There will be discussion on the best market-entry strategies alongside issues such as upgrading references, pricing and clustering.


Partnering Opportunities With European Counterparts


There will also be significant attendance from International Companies who are seeking to partner with Irish Companies. It is considered advantageous to join forces with partners in other countries. The reason being that IFI’s have a mandate to share out the work fairly amongst tendering nations.


The prestigious event will also be attended by a host of Ambassadors from Developing Nations in Africa, South America and Central Eastern Europe.  These Embassies are already work through Consulting Ireland to find suitable companies, including SME’s for contracts available in their country.


Author: ConsutlingIreland



For information about Global IFI, please navigate to the official conference website, which can be found at:

If you wish to exhibit at Global IFI, HelpUsTrade will be your first point of contact regarding your exhibition and sponsorship goals.  For more information about the exhibition please CLICK HERE. We can be contacted by email at or by phone on +44 (0) 7718 337 552.




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