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Send Us Your Most Creative, Inspirational & Thought Provoking Pictures…

We are currently building a global website that explores human achievements in industry and business. To ensure that this platform is truly innovative and original we need your help…


To Take Part…

If you’d like to take part, then all we ask you to do is grab your camera/smartphone/laptop and send us a picture to match one of the themes below. You are welcome to interpret these themes in anyway you see fit and we invite you to send your pictures (which must be originals) to us at events@helpustrade.com.


Competition Themes…

In order to give you a little time to send us your pictures, here are the three themes for this month-long competition. Please note, that each theme has it’s own deadlines, which we kindly ask you to adhere to.

  • Theme: ‘City‘. Deadline: 21st August 2015
  • Theme: ‘Power’. Deadline: 28th August 2015
  • Theme: ‘Spark‘. Deadline: 4th September 2015


Competition Rules…

  1. You can enter up to three images per theme.
  2. Please include in your submission email;
    • The subject line must include the theme of the competition you are entering.
    • Your name,
    • Where the image was taken,
    • The date the image was captured,
    • A short (25 word) punchy caption for each image submitted.
  3. Original pictures should be sent as .jpeg file and they shouldn’t be larger than 2Mb (around 1Mb is fine).


What Next… (and the small print)

A selection of the images submitted will be published on a new global website, the website URL will be disclosed in the autumn. All pictures captured during this competition will only be used by HelpUsTrade for the purposes of this project. As you will be contributing to the success of this new website, you will be the amongst the first to see the live site. In terms of copyright, you own the images you send us, and we will acknowledge your efforts where appropriate.

As it is a competition, an independent panel of three experts will adjudicate the competition. The winner of each theme will be given a £25 iTunes Gift Voucher (or equivalent, in local currency). Competition winners will be announced on this (HelpUsTrade) website on 4th September 2015.

If you have any questions, please email us: events@helpustrade.com

Good Luck…

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